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The Mentoring contributes to the cultural and professional training of its students by encouraging broader participation in activities and initiatives of the University. The service provides support and guidance and forms of teaching Mentoring.
The service is focussed mainly on:
- Guide and assist the student throughout the whole study
- To encourage forms of student participation in the process of formation
- Remove any obstacles to its training initiatives tailored on attitudes and needs of individual students
- Provide personal assistance aimed at overcoming the problems of adaptation and inclusion in a new learning environment
- Assistance in completing the study plan
- Indications for the recovery of gaps in learning basic skills
- Preparation of work plans and identification of methods of study (organization of time for study and, if necessary, directions for the sequence of tests to be supported).

The Mentoring Group Meetings (tutorato di gruppo) is directed primarily to students of the early years and takes place through scheduled meetings with students from a representation of teachers, called by the teacher contact in the course of study. The first meetings has guidance purposes while those following serve to deepen and clarify the problems encountered by students and to propose solutions useful for removing any obstacles to the process of learning.
Prof. Consuelo Amantini at Camerino and Prof. Francesco Palermo at San Benedetto del Tronto are the delegates for Biosciences & Biotechnologies Mentoring activities.